Skincare: All About the Pamper Routine

May 23, 2022
All About the Pamper Skincare Routine

Tiring week, stressful daytime, no moment to take care of yourself, mental excess… Who has never felt this urge to be able to stop time to permit themselves a moment of peace? 

The Pamper Routine is made for that! It’s a wonderful way to concentrate on yourself and pamper yourself. Since there is nothing narcissistic in taking a moment just for yourself, we describe in detail what the pamper routine is!

What’s the meaning of “Pamper Routine”?

“Pamper” is a phrase indicating “to pamper oneself” in English. This concept has been highlighted by many lifestyle influencers this year. The “slow life” and cocooning lifestyles seem to be preferred by them lately! 

Beauty vloggers are adopting this phrase and using it regularly in their YouTube videos.

The objective of the Pamper Routine is to treat yourself to therapies that you don’t often do during the week due to a shortage of time. Masks, hair removal, body exfoliation… Steps that, once put together in a routine, can take a lot of time.

That’s why you have to dedicate a time slot during the week, a day off, or a Sunday for a Pamper Routine! 

It’s even better when you’re alone at home for this cocooning moment: having nothing to think about but yourself… Ideal, isn’t it?

Pamper Routine
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The Keys to a Victorious Pamper Routine

You have comprehended it well: the Pamper routine is this moment that we book for ourselves, whether we are overwhelmed or not. 

Once you have found your free time, it is finally time to give yourself your care without worrying about other things, to better refocus on yourself, and above all relax.

Taking a shower or a bath is an important first step in enjoying this privileged moment. Then comes the time to embark on the various treatments and treatments that you generally do not have time to do during the week. If you have opted for a bath, do not hesitate to slip in a bomb bath!

For the atmosphere, why not install a few candles with a relaxing and comforting scent, and choose a playlist full of sweetness in the background? This will make you spend an exceptional moment of relaxation. A real spa experience at home!

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The Pamper Hair Routine

Take advantage of this cocooning moment to leave a deep treatment such as an oil bath or a mask on for as long as possible. Choose the product according to the nature of your hair: dry, oily, damaged, colored, etc. You can go for homemade masks for a natural touch.

It is also possible to apply a scalp scrub. As with face and body scrubs, it removes all impurities while getting a head massage. The massage of the skull, in addition to being relaxing, stimulates blood circulation and occasionally hair growth.

Pamper routine for the body

Is your skin dull these days? Waxing (If you wish) pursued by a body scrub will restore its former radiance. You can opt for a scrub recipe to make at home: quick, simple, and effective!

For instance, a spoonful of olive oil mixed with coffee grounds works wonders. Caffeine is known for its draining effects. It is not for nothing that it is found in the composition of many anti-cellulite creams and treatments sold on the market.

Pamper routine for the face

Concerning the care to bring to his face during this cocooning routine, you can involve a suitable exfoliating scrub to eliminate impurities from his epidermis and dead skin. 

It is enough to make circular gesticulations in a light way: it is useless to press like a brute.

Combine this scrub with a mask to hydrate your skin. This will give you a relaxing effect along the way!

Relax through apps

In order to comfort, you can use mobile applications. There is a multitude of them on different subjects: diffusion of relaxing sound noises such as rain or sea waves, meditation, yoga practice with guided exercises… 

In short, something to improve your Pamper routine in relaxation.

The little “extras” to do during your Pamper Routine

Take the chance to dress in a cozy bathrobe, you will feel like a princess! There are all kinds and for all tastes: fluffy, white, colorful… The most important thing is to feel comfortable!

After, or while you leave your masks on, design a hot drink such as tea, herbal tea or hot chocolate. They have the power to be comforting and therefore to do good to morale.

Your nails also need to be pampered! So why not do a little homemade manicure? It’s time to take out your most attractive varnishes and test DIY tips for successful nail decorations.

During this time, watch your favored series or take the opportunity to start a new one. If you were planning to spend some time in your bed or on your sofa reading during this Pamper routine, you can apply a spray to your pillows. Often with essential oils, this type of spray is made to relax.

You will end this day or this moment gently and will have a better night.

Don’t hesitate to step away from your phone a little to get the most out of the experience. Your notifications and the new photo of Kim Kardashian will be able to wait! Take advantage of the present moment to clear your head of daily worries.

Your body and mind will feel revitalized with this Pamper Routine experience. Relaxation is only a matter of simple little things!

Photo: Pexels/ Andrea Piacquadio

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