Snail Slime, Your New Beauty Ally for the Skin

April 22, 2022
Snail Slime, Your New Beauty Ally for the Skin

Have you ever attended to the benefits of snail slime on the skin? If this sentence appears just as bizarre as the idea of putting it on your face, know that in fact snail slime is a wonder of nature, like a well-kept secret of the cosmetics industry. La Rédac reveals all the face and body advantages of snail slime treatments.

So obviously, when we talk to you about the benefits of snail slime on the skin, you immediately imagine the animal crawling on your hand, like when you were little and you captured it to do your homework. house of natural sciences. 

But in reality, it’s a little more complex than that: snail slime, also called mucus, is known for its reconstructive action and makes it the ideal ally in the composition of many face creams and the body. You still have to use them correctly!

Snail slime on your skin, Kézako?

The observation is simple: how is it possible that snail slime has legendary virtues on your skin? It all starts in Chile, when the Bascunan family, producers of gourmet snail meat, realizes that when their employees injure their hands during certain operations, healing occurs much more easily than with most normal wounds. 

It was linked to the virtues of snail slime. It is the same in Antiquity already, where the doctors of the time crushed them, with or without their shell, to apply them in the ointment, in particular against cough.

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Today, its benefits are better known, and are even very promising: researchers have realized that snail slime contains active ingredients such as collagen, elastin, allantoin, glycolic acid but also proteins… in other words, all the preferred active ingredients in the best cosmetic treatments!

The benefits of snail slime on your skin

Collagen is one of the skin’s natural active ingredients, but with age and the city environment, the skin produces less and less of it, which triggers the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The elastin and collagen present in snail slime help to make it visibly more supple and younger-looking. 

Proteins and allantoin provide hydration to your epidermis while keeping it protected and supple. Snail slime is also ideal as an anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, and concealer treatment thanks to its natural concentration of hyaluronic acid.

As for glycolic acid, it is one of those so-called AHA fruit acids, with a peeling effect and which facilitate the elimination of dead skin, to give you a smoother skin texture, without being aggressive for sensitive skin…

Snail slime, therefore, has anti-inflammatory and restorative qualities, which makes it ideal for treating the imperfections of the most difficult skin. 

It is perfect for treating acne, scars, wrinkles, and dark spots but also light burns, psoriasis, and eczema, as well as stretch marks when used for application on the body, all without side effects. 

It is ideal for mature skin to fight against skin aging, but it also regulates excess sebum in combination skin: a panacea!

Choosing the right snail slime treatment

As with all cosmetics, choosing your cream according to its composition and skin type is an essential element.

Thus, if there are now many products claiming to be made from snail slime, we must be very vigilant, because many are counterfeit or have a low concentration of active ingredients. These are made in China.

It is creams and serums based on organic snail slime that will be the most effective: it is called Helix Aspersa Muller, it comes from Chile and it offers superior quality active ingredients to your skin. 

For the other types of snail slime, most are not approved by the European Union (and therefore are not allowed to be found on the European market) – while others simply have a concentration rate very low, making them ineffective in the self-healing process, due to formulation containing parabens.

How to use a snail slime treatment on your skin?

As snail slime is a component derived from nature, it can thus be used on all skin types, and provides each with a very specific solution: like many natural creams, its effects are multiple and may be suitable for several issues. 

But the secret of its effectiveness lies in its formula: even if some treatments are more concentrated than others, the important thing is also to choose a composition that can be fully supported by your skin.

  • I have dry and irritated skin: I choose a cream formula, with moisturizing active ingredients and a tightening effect, which will restore elasticity to my skin.
  • I have normal to combination skin: I choose a lighter formula to prevent the middle areas of the face (chin, nose, forehead) from shining brightly in just a few hours. A light formula (serum or fluid) also allows better hydration of the skin, because the pores will not be clogged.
  • I have oily skin: I choose above all a non-comedogenic formula, and if possible in gel form, much more suitable for skin prone to imperfections. The results will be much more convincing, and healing will occur more quickly because the skin will not be suffocated. Do not hesitate to use pure snail slime gel, which will intensify the regenerative action of damaged tissues, as Aloe Vera gel does. To be applied exclusively in the evening at bedtime, during the cell renewal of your skin. The snail slime will act as an antioxidant, the perfect action for the skin most damaged by pollution and exposure to ultraviolet rays (sun and free radicals). It is an excellent barrier against skin aging.

Note that snail slime-based treatments can also be applied to the body and décolleté, to treat cellulite marks and stretch marks, but also to firm up thanks to its regenerative properties.

It is also very effective on mature skin, thanks to its soothing, regenerating action to restore elasticity to the skin, and smoothing on wrinkles and fine lines.

In all cases, prefer an application in the evening rather than as a day cream, so that the cream can deploy all its active ingredients during the night.

As for the preparation of your skin before applying a snail slime treatment, choose to apply it on perfectly clean skin that has already removed make-up. Do not hesitate to exfoliate to free your pores and multiply the active ingredients of snail slime. The skin will immediately be more beautiful, smoother, and purified.

Regarding the ranges offered and their prices, each brand appropriates it in its own way: while some favor cream, others have chosen to make single-use face masks. In all cases, prices vary but remain affordable.

Our selection of snail slime creams and masks

  • Regenerating Snail Cream from Gutto Natural is a face cream that offers an anti-wrinkle action, for a beautiful skin effect thanks to its regenerating and firming active ingredients.
  • The 0.2 Air Therapy – Snail – Smoothening & Firming Mask from Etude House, is an ideal sheet mask for mature and damaged skin, easy to carry in its single-dose format, for SOS application after a trying day.

Photo: Pexels/Jeffry Surianto

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