The Best Nail Art Tools for Beginners

April 20, 2022
The Best Nail Art Tools for Newbies

You want original manicures and dream of transforming your nails into real works of art: it’s decided, you succumb to the nail art trend! To succeed with your first nail arts, you will need patience, dexterity, and above all, some essential accessories!

Nail art: basic accessories

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To make homemade nail art, equip yourself, as for any manicure, with the following basic accessories:

  • A good base for the nails. It will allow you to protect your nails from the layers of varnish (often multiple and very colorful in nail art) that you will then apply. Don’t forget the topcoat, the last coat of varnish essential to make your manicure last! The topcoat and base are also essential for gel or acrylic manicures.
  • You will also need a good stock of colored varnish to achieve the patterns of your choice. Did you know that not all varnishes are suitable for nail art? For example, if you want to do nail art stamping (apply the varnish using a stamp system), it will be wise to invest in some specific nail varnishes for stamping: thicker, their texture is specially designed to adhere to the stamp and guarantee you a more intense color on the nail. Red, pink, black glitter, iridescent varnish…everything is allowed for your beauty!
  • The accessory kit for having beautiful nails or performing a French manicure: polisher, nail file, cuticle pusher, nail clippers, nail scissors, etc.

Nail art accessories: the equipment to start

  • The dotting tool is one of the favorite accessories of nail art beginners: this thin metal rod with a ball end allows you to make round dots on your nails. An essential for creating pretty designs on the nails!
  • The striping tape is also an essential accessory for nail art addicts. It comes in the form of a very thin adhesive tape that exists in multiple colors and will allow you to create geometric patterns. You can then either position it on the nail, to delimit the area to be varnished, or use it as an integral part of your manicure – all you have to do is fix it with a layer of topcoat!

Nail art accessories: ready-to-use decorations

To make a success of your nail art, do not hesitate to decorate it with “ready to use” decorations:

  • Decals,
  • Rhinestones,
  • Sequins,
  • Small balls,
  • Studs (small metal elements)

These decorative accessories are perfect for beginners: easy to handle, they are self-adhesive or can be placed on the freshly applied varnish and will remain in place when the latter has dried thanks to the topcoat. These little accessories will undoubtedly bring a touch of originality to your nail art!

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Accessories for more complex nail arts

  • The more skillful will opt for an ultra-fine nail art brush, preferably with synthetic bristles, to draw directly freehand on the nail.
  • Nail art brush kits containing fine brushes, larger brushes, liner, fan brush…
  • The stamp and stamping plates will allow you to create intricate designs in no time. They work on the principle of a stamp: you pass the stamp over the patterned plate that you will have previously covered with varnish, then you apply it to your nail! This technique offers you endless possibilities to create beautiful renderings.
  • The sponge will also be your ally for creating gradients, more blurred creations, to create, for example, a “sunset” or “sea” effect, with different shades.
  • Special pigments to bring effects: for an even more trendy result, it is possible to obtain certain powders which can be added over your plain varnish and give it a sophisticated finish: reflections, metallic effect… An unstoppable technique for a manicure worthy of a beauty salon!

And the price of all this?

It’s nice to make a list of products needed to have princess’s nails. But how much does it cost? In reality, it all depends on the type of manicure you are looking to achieve. A range of “standard” varnishes and a few tools and decorations for your nails will not overheat your credit card. 

On the other hand, if you embark on the acquisition of a complete kit for semi-permanent gel or acrylic nails, including, among other things, a sander, a guillotine, plastic capsules (which you just have to stick, much simpler than sculpting a resin nail) and a UV lamp, the prices will be much higher and can reach several hundred euros!

The latest nail art trends to give you ideas

Now that you are equipped, here is something to show off your nail art equipment kit by reproducing the most trendy manicures of the moment:

Pearl nail art:

Ready for a mermaid look? Nothing could be simpler with this new fashion that puts pearls in the spotlight. Opt for a delicate and ultra-feminine effect by adding a few pearly pearls to your nude or pale pink nail polish. 

Arrange more or less large pearls in the desired places: small and few for a refined effect, larger and denser for a whimsical look. 

To adapt to your personality! Keep in mind, however, that the larger these beads are, the more likely they are to peel off quickly and be cumbersome.

Multi-colored nails:

We all did it younger: put a different color on each finger, hoping to have a nice harmonious monochrome. With more or less success ! Fans of rainbow nails will be thrilled: multicolored nails are making a comeback. 

However, care should be taken to maintain a certain consistency between the colors chosen: you can opt for the “graded” effect with the same shade available in several shades, or different colors which match together, such as pastel colors. Adding sequins or glitter is not recommended, to counter the “little girl’s manicure” effect.

Patterned nails:

You like discreet, subtle, nude tones… Move on to the next idea! For the moment, it’s the multicolored, colorful nails, the ones that everyone notices that we highlight. This year, you can allow yourself anything: wild animal motifs (leopards, snakes, zebras, etc.) if you’re feeling exotic, small flower motifs if you’re looking for a more discreet and spring-like look, Christmas decorations, or even traditional Swiss dots. For a semi-permanent result, choose gel or acrylic varnishes.

The French manicure:

Of course, everyone knows her, but everyone loves her. The French is a safe bet if you want a natural, professional look, but neat and sophisticated for all that. 

For a mat effect, the end of your nail can be highlighted with a line of white varnish. If, however, you are looking for a little more fantasy, but without falling into the garish, know that a French can quite come in several colors. 

For even more originality, you can also play on the shapes: from the traditional square to the rounded square, via the stiletto.

With these few accessories and tools, your nail arts will only be limited by your imagination. So, ready to become the queen of nail art?

Photo: Pexels/Iva Prime

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