The Biggest Makeup Trends of 2022

March 13, 2022
The Biggest Makeup Trends of 2022

What will be the makeup trends of 2022? We asked Nikki Wolff, makeup artist, and global artistic manager of KVD Vegan Beauty to reply to us and give us her most useful guidance for adopting them.

The year 2022 is already somewhat underway, we can finally learn more about the beauty trends that will punctuate the coming months. On the makeup side, makeup experts already have their ideas of what will be the trendiest. 

We then came to the gorgeous Nikki Wolff, makeup artist, and multinational creative manager of KVD Vegan Beauty; and the young lady exposed to us the makeup tendencies of tomorrow… but not only.

The makeup artist also took the opportunity to give us her best advice to adopt them brilliantly. Finally, we have taken care to create, just for you, a shopping selection to try on the most beautiful fashionable makeup, armed with the best products! Quickly discover the makeup trends of 2022:

1. 90s style eyebrows

For 2022, Nikki Wolf imagines a 90s-style eyebrow trend but in its improved version. “I think we’re going to notice a significant movement of thinner, better-sculpted brows in the forthcoming months.” A tendency that she foreknows is extremely powerful for fall-winter. 

And if this style is for everyone, the makeup artist suggests it slightly differently for individuals aged 40 and over. “Opt for a smoother, more peaceful interpretation, to maintain a youthful fashion,” she instructs.

Advice from a makeup artist:

Rather than brushing your brows upwards, as is the present full brow trend, try brushing only the head of the brow upwards and combing the rest exterior from your face. Then employ brow pomade to carefully load in your brows and extend the tail.

2. The showy blush

In the year 2021, everyone got into colored blush. Pink, purple, or even peach arrived to wrap our cheekbones. Nikki Wolf predicts the movement will continue into the following year. “In 2022, we will utilize our blush on the cheekbones, then on the shape of the face. 

Finally, we will finish by cleaning the eyelids and the bridge of the nose”. A bold trend to try for spring-summer 2022.

3. Ultra-glowy skin

For 2022, Nikki Wolf also encourages the tendency of heavy beauty. A line of eyeliner to emphasize her look, a little lipstick, as well as a flawless complexion. Moreover, we will not make up our complexion with matte products, but instead with makeup with a luminous and glowy finish.

Advice from a makeup artist:

“Conditioning your skin nicely is vital to achieving a gorgeous glow. For those who have problems with skin, consider operating a translucent and light base. I love utilizing primers that conceal pores and mattify in the middle of the face and something more kaleidoscopic on the external sites.”

4. Brown lipstick

The 90s-style lip movement is committed to staying in 2022. Make up the lips with lipstick, then define the contour of the mouth with a lip pencil. For the next few months, the trend will be warm brown, chocolate shades… Ideal for the autumn and winter season!

Recommendation from a makeup artist:

“For ’90s lips, use a bare lipstick, then pursue with a dimmer shadow of lip liner. Employing makeup to your mouth in this hierarchy drives it more satisfied to blend the two,” clarifies Nikki Wolf.

5. Artistic eyeliner

In makeup, there are no real rules, and that’s fine because, with this trend, it’s your originality that must be defined. Whether you use colored eyeliner underneath your eyes or choose to draw graphical shapes to highlight it, do not hesitate to experiment and play with your makeup and colors!

6. Glossy lips and intense shades

This spring/summer celebrates the return of shiny and luminous lips. There are genuine and soft shades but also gorgeous coral, red and pink hues with a lacquered finish. Flawless makeup for plumping up thin lips and illuming the complexion. 

Finally, there is also a trend toward intense lipstick colors, such as brown, wine, or burgundy tones, which are worn with a satin or matte finish for optimal hold.

7. Graphic look and touches of color

We find this season very stunning variations of eyeliners: ultra-graphic, double liner style, metallic, smoked, or colored… It adapts to all occasions and all eyelid shapes. 

The smoky eye is also very trendy this spring/summer, but it shows a softer intensity with coppery, brown, or amber tones.

Another tendency of the season: the internal corner of the eye is illustrated with silverware or sandy shade to extend the eyes and spotlight the tan. 

Colored eyeshades are also very stylish, like the hues of pink and orange that can be connected without hesitance to form a color block makeup bang on the tendency for the season.

Eventually, the white or beige waterline is making a comeback this spring-summer and refreshes and widens the eyes.

8. The complexion: luminous, but natural

In 2022, contouring offers a way to more naturalistic makeup. Bet on impartial tones (or nudes) to construct an even complexion and if you wish, add a little radiance (enlightening shadow) to strategic spots: the tip of the nose, the cheekbones, and under the eyebrow arch.

9. Reverse cut crease

The “reverse cut crease” is one such eye maquillage method that has evolved widespread. Established by Ana Takahashi, it consists of highlights the fold (Concave) of the eyelid using shadiness and eyeliner.

How to do it?

You require a more delicate shade up to the crease of the eyelid and also on the outer brow bone. The opaque shade is applied at the level of the fold to create the cut effect, a very graphic aesthetic rendering. To purify the eye makeup, do not ignore the pretty line of eyeliner at the level of the eyelashes.

Ideal for droopy eyelids and small eyelids

The objective of the “reverse cut crease” is to enlarge the eyelid and make it gain depth, but all women can try it. To achieve beautiful makeup, it is important to have the right brushes and eye shadows that are easy to work with.

Image by Karolina Grabowska via Pexels

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