The Flexible Advantages of Stretching

April 17, 2022
The Flexible Advantages of Stretching

The preliminary task of stretching is to push our bodies more flexibly through stretching workouts. 

What are its other benefits? How to practice it? Who can succumb to it? Overview of this graceful body discipline.

Long planned for physical practice and healing after a sports session, stretching – taken from the English “to stretch” which translates to “étirer” in French – has evolved into physical activity in its own right. 

Clearly, it is guided like all further soft sports disciplines (such as yoga, Qi Gong) and lets you relax the muscles and stretch the body in complement to reducing stress. 

Iuliia Houhou, stretching trainer behind the Instagram account “Souplesse_Toulouse” offers us an update on this physical exercise attainable to all.

What Are the Benefits of a Stretching Class?

The gifts of stretching on the body and wellness

“stretching aims and drives to enrich the physical formation,” explains the professional. 

More precisely, it is a query of boosting the general flexibility of the body, of supporting the elasticity and the tone of the muscles, tendons, and ligaments and accordingly of having more amplitude in our moves”.

In complement to achieving flexibility, these stretching sessions hold the integrity of stemming hurts and lowering specific muscle and joint pain in the long term. Yet, through this methodology of prolonging the muscles, we rediscover our bodies. 

The silhouette is purified and evolves more harmoniously and gracefully. Does stretching permit you to maintain the line? The answer is “Yes, like all sports exercises, stretching is no anomaly, but it is not the primary goal”, establishes the coach.

The benefits of stretching on the mind

Despite the measures made to stretch, stretching remains a gentle sporting activity. Thus, it furnishes a real feeling of well-being by immersing us in the parenthesis of relaxation. Its significant calming and relaxing possessions authorize evacuating tension and anxiety. In addition, it promotes the ability to concentrate.

Where and How to Stretch?

If it is feasible to do elongation sessions at home – independently or through a videotape and a virtual trainer – it is instructed to start face-to-face with a skilled so that he defines the basics, and the right postures and sustains you in your consequence.

The necessary equipment

An easy sports costume and a gymnasium mat are the best paraphernalia for a good stretching session. However, when you begin, the coach instructs you to convey various supplements to sponsor your efforts and encourage certain exercises. 

Among them are yoga bricks and elastic. Pillow, knee pads, and even a massage roller may be needed for counted comfort as well.

How does a stretching session take place?

Whether you desire postural extension or engaged stretching, a full lesson lasts about 1 hour. As with any sporting workout, we commence with the warm-up. 

It can consist of muscle-strengthening conditioning or take the form of a mini-aerobic session to trigger the cardio. This stage can be tweaked if you are just arriving out of another workout.

During the second part of the session, it is a query of chaining the stretching roles. Targeted practices (back, knees, arms, etc.) or multi-joint situations, the sessions can be altered according to necessities. 

But let’s not disguise it, the supreme objective of any good practitioner is to attain the Grail which is the splits! For this, there is no demand to miss the steps at the risk of hurt. Softer routines are reasonable for beginners, such as the assignment of the pliers or that of the butterfly.

Zoom on the gripper

Position: a seat on the buttocks, legs prolonged out in facade then move forward calmly to adjoin the legs, ankles, toes, or soles of the feet with the hands.

Exercise: once the assignment is reached, wait like this for 30 seconds and reprise the movement 3 to 5 times.

Muscles functioned: hamstrings, calves, gluteus maximus, spinal and back muscles.

Goal: connect the soles of the paws with the hands.

Recommendations: relax the shoulders. Do not strain your arms and back. Keep feet flexed.

Zoom on the butterfly

Position: pose with the legs at an angle, the soles of the feet against each other, and move on the thighs to stretch the adductors.

Exercise: Once the work is attained, count to 8 and release. Duplicate the activity 3 to 5 times.

Muscles performed: adductors.

Objective: touch the ground with the knees.

Recommendations: do not press on the knees. Descend slowly according to your abilities. Keep your back straight.

“For the precise training, some may fetch two weeks when others will tolerate 6 months or even 1 year”, explains the coach.

There is no pinpoint in racing, as the well-known proverb goes. With time and gathered sessions, the body attains flexibility. The entire thing is to advance at your speed and not fail sight of your ideals.

Facial split

The third set of workouts, and not the least, is the rest phase. The purpose is to specify a shift between the session and the recovery to vivacious life by slowing down the rate and the effort furnished. 

Without necessarily dropping into contemplation, we authorize ourselves periodic minutes of break.

Stretching, When and for Whom?

As we realize, stretching has long been committed for athletes and has consistently been strongly suggested after an activity. 

Nonetheless, today, it can be rehearsed as a specialization in its privilege at the rate of two sessions per week. Guys, females, kids, the senior… “you shouldn’t be scared to carry the plunge, whatever your class of flexibility, comforts the coach. Stretching is available and worthwhile to everyone. 

In addition, she advises evening sessions. “Behind a joyous daytime, the muscles are warm and organized to work. 

In reserve, to lower the risk of injury, the activities are more progressive and more adequate than when waking up. So, prepared? We know the timetable for tonight!

Photo: Pexels/Ekaterina Bolovtsova

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