The Multiple Benefits of Gua Sha

April 16, 2022
The Multiple Benefits of Gua Sha

The Gua Sha is, after the jade roller, the new beauty trend of recent years. Thus, this ancestral technique quickly promises to make the skin radiant and smooth. But what is this new ritual coming straight from Asia? How to use it to be effective? And what are the multiple benefits for our skin?

Gua Sha: What Is It?

Originally, the Gua Sha is a flat massage stone from traditional Chinese medicine, such as acupuncture or aculifting. In Chinese, the gua sha takes on its full meaning: “Gua” means “scratch” and “Sha”, “disease”. 

Used by a specialized therapist, this tool “scrapes” the skin of the body in order to gently stimulate acupressure points. Thus, thanks to this lymphatic drainage which activates blood circulation and releases toxins, and bad energies, all joint pains are evacuated.

Today, with the interest in it from the world of cosmetics and care, this tool is made with precious stones such as jade or rose quartz. In the past, it was much less aesthetic because it was simply made of cow horns. 

This flat stone has a very particular shape because its objective is to massage the contour of the face with precision… Specially designed to fit the shape of the face, it is also perfectly smooth in order to glide easily over the skin without attacking it or damaging it. 

Thanks to its multiple benefits on the skin, this massage burst into the field of Western care in the same way as the jade roller or the Kobido massage.

To enjoy the benefits of Gua Sha, you have to choose quality massage stones that suit you the most: pink Scilla quartz or green or blue crystal? 

The rose quartz one is a stone of love and appeasement which is connected to the heart chakra while the green aventurine one symbolizes introspection and new opportunities. 

Each stone has its energy properties and virtues for the skin: the blue sodalite stone symbolizes harmony and promotes hydration (for stressed and blemished skin), the greenstone purifies the skin and relieves inflammation while the pink stone has anti-aging, decongestant, and soothing properties.

How to Use Gua Sha to Make It Effective?

Before starting your beauty routine, and as with all homemade face massages, remove make-up from your skin perfectly with a make-up remover and a gentle cleanser. Spray a moisturizing mist all over the face and then apply a few drops of organic oil to obtain a perfect glide with the Gua Sha stone.

To keep skin young, and healthy and reverse the effects of time, you have to know how to adopt the right gestures. Unlike the jade roller, the Gua Sha is more technical… When done well, with precise and slow gestures, the Gua Sha massage stretches and stimulates the skin thanks to its particular rubbing technique.

Thus, to stimulate lymphatic drainage and blood circulation, simply glide it gently along the face, from the inside out, while maintaining light pressure. 

Do this slowly while adopting the shapes of the stone to those of the face: the contour of the jaw (from the chin to the ears), the cheeks, the contour of the eyes (from the inner corner of the eye to the temples), the eyebrows and the forehead (from the eyebrows to the tip of the hair). 

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Repeat this movement ten times even if your skin begins to redden. It’s a good sign! Blood circulation is stimulated and your facial muscles relax! Also, remember to take care of your neck bypassing the Gua Sha stone from bottom to top. You can also easily find tutorials to watch how this facial massage is performed.

It is recommended to use it only 2 to 3 times a week because this Gua Sha stone is much more stimulating than the jade roller. You can also alternate the two tools morning and evening. 

Also, keeping these tools cool in your fridge optimizes the decongestant and stimulating effect of the massage. After each use, clean your stone well with warm water and soap and dry it.

What are the benefits of Gua Sha?

Like all the different facial massage techniques, for this to be effective, you must massage your face daily. Its action on the tissues is sculpting and lifting because the tool acts in depth. The benefits of this ancestral technique are numerous for the skin:

  • Makes the skin smooth by reducing facial lines and wrinkles. It’s a real anti-aging massage!
  • Makes the skin toned and firm because this tool naturally stimulates cell regeneration of the epidermis and blood circulation while oxygenating the tissues of the skin.
  • This tool drains toxins which helps boost the radiance of the complexion by making the skin luminous and soft. It’s ideal for a healthy glow!
  • Reduces dark circles and bags under the eyes.
  • Rids oily or blemished skin of acne, rosacea, and other skin issues. Blackheads and unsightly pimples fade with use.
  • Releases all the tensions accumulated during the day. It’s a real relaxing effect!

After the massage, you can apply an organic moisturizing cream or oil: their benefits will be increased tenfold thanks to the Gua Sha stone. 

Indeed, it helps the absorption of cosmetic care thanks to its draining and stimulating effect. 

Its beneficial results on the skin are quickly visible and only take a few minutes of your time, morning and evening. Gua Sha is also used to fight against fatigue and body stress! So don’t hesitate any longer!

Image by Monstera via Pexels

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