Quench Your Thirst This Summer with the Arrival of Cherry Cola Hair

May 23, 2023

When contemplating the latest hair color trends for spring and summer, deep red might not be the first shade that comes to mind. Typically, bright blondes and sun-kissed brunettes take center stage as the weather heats up. However, cherry cola hair color has emerged as a surprisingly refreshing choice. 

Similar to sipping an ice-cold glass of Cherry Coke on a scorching day, this trending hue evokes a delightful sense of nostalgia. It captures the essence of Lana Del Rey’s vinyl records, balmy summer evenings spent at the local carnival, and the chic style of heart-shaped sunglasses. It’s no wonder that TikTok users are eagerly embracing this trend.


Behind the Trend

The rich and captivating allure of cherry tones has experienced a fluctuating journey of popularity. Once a prominent trend in the 1990s alongside the grunge and Y2K movements, these shades have made a triumphant return to seize the spotlight once again. Referred to as cherry cola hair, this hue distinguishes itself from fiery reds or auburns by embodying a deep burgundy or ruby essence. A prime example is Dove Cameron, showcasing her opulent and vibrant red locks. TikTok has also embraced the cherry cola obsession, with users proudly displaying their interpretations of this trend and divulging their secret recipes for achieving it. Whether through drugstore box dye, color-depositing conditioners, or beauty supply products, TikTokers are fervently participating in this season’s preferred shade.


As the trend cycle’s fascination with the ’90s and early ’00s continues, it was inevitable for the resurgence of red to make its comeback. The current obsession with this era has paved the way for cherry cola-colored hair to trend once again. Ian Michael Black, the Global Artistic Director for Hair Color at Aveda, explains the significance of this trend by stating, “It comes as no surprise that cherry cola-colored hair is on the rise. With the enduring influence of the ’90s in fashion, it is time for a revival of ’90s color trends for hair.” In recent months, there has been a noticeable shift toward all shades of red, ranging from vibrant and true reds to rich burgundies. Additionally, various shades of copper have gained popularity, ranging from delicate strawberry blondes to bold Irish red tones.

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What Is Cherry Cola Hair?

Shvonne Perkins, the manager of training and education at Madison Reed and a professional hair colorist, describes the cherry-cola look as having captivating mahogany tones that reside between red and violet. This hue represents a rich and vibrant brunette infused with a violet essence, offering a sangria-like appearance that is less muted and ashy. When observed indoors, it tends to resemble a deep violet brunette, while natural sunlight brings out the red undertones, resulting in a dimensional and ever-changing aesthetic in different photographs.

Justin Anderson, a professional colorist, and co-founder of DpHue, explains that achieving cherry cola hair can be approached in various ways depending on the starting point of one’s hair and desired overall look. One approach involves intensifying the “cherry” aspect, making it brighter and more vibrant. Alternatively, a blend of dark, deep reds and violets can be applied all over the hair, creating a sultrier appearance. Additionally, colorists have the flexibility to adjust the tones to be cooler or warmer, allowing them to create a customized cherry cola hue that complements any skin tone.

How to Get the Look – Cherry Cola Hair

To ensure you find the perfect cherry cola hue that suits you, it’s beneficial to do some preparatory work before heading to the salon. Ian Michael Black suggests a simple technique to determine which tones complement your skin tone. Hold up different colors just above your eyes and observe how they interact with your complexion. This method will help you easily identify the tones that enhance your features. However, it’s essential to consult with a salon professional who can provide expert advice tailored to your specific needs. 

They will consider not only the appropriate tone but also the ideal lightness or darkness of the shade to create a harmonious look. You might discover that a brighter red beautifully accentuates your eyes, while a deeper tone suits your everyday style. By experimenting with various colors against your face, you may uncover pleasant surprises and expand your horizons regarding the possibilities of what will enhance your appearance.

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  • First step: Salon visit. If you have prior experience dyeing your hair, you can take on the role of a colorist yourself. However, if you’re new to hair dyeing or have lightened or very dark hair that may necessitate bleaching, it’s best to entrust this step to professionals who can ensure optimal results.
  • Second step: Color care! There’s nothing more disheartening than looking in the mirror and seeing your once vibrant and lustrous hair color fade into a lackluster imitation. This issue is particularly common with red hair, as its larger molecule size makes it challenging to maintain. To preserve the longevity of your cherry cola hue, targeted color care is crucial.

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Begin your color care routine in the shower by using a shampoo and conditioner specifically designed for color-treated hair. Ian Michael Black highly recommends Aveda Color Control ($26), which is a sulfate-free shampoo that effectively cleanses without causing color stripping. He explains that this product is enriched with naturally derived “magnets” that swiftly counteract color-dulling particles, ensuring your color remains vibrant and salon-fresh. Additionally, be mindful of the water temperature while showering, as it can impact your color. To maintain your cherry cola hue, consider turning down the heat or keeping your hair out of the direct stream when the water is excessively hot.


You might have heard that rinsing your hair with cold water can help preserve color. Ian Michael Black acknowledges that this technique can be beneficial but suggests implementing it on days when you won’t be using heat-styling tools such as blow dryers, curling irons, or straighteners. He explains that washing your hair with cold water can help close down the cuticles, providing color protection. However, if you plan to follow up with heat styling, the benefits of the cold water rinse may not be fully realized. On sunny days when you intend to let your hair air dry naturally, concluding your hair care routine with a cold rinse can be beneficial. When using hot tools, ensure they are set to low heat settings and apply a leave-in treatment beforehand to safeguard your hair from thermal damage.

Ian Michael Black emphasizes the importance of maintaining the overall health and condition of your hair to prolong the longevity of your color. He suggests incorporating a weekly treatment into your routine, such as Aveda’s Botanical Repair Intensive Strengthening Masque ($44), to nourish and strengthen your hair from within.

Furthermore, protecting your hair from UV damage is crucial, particularly during the summer months. Black emphasizes that UV protection is not solely for your skin and recommends using Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil ($28) as a finishing touch to your styling routine. This protective hair veil will shield your hair and color from the harmful effects of the sun, enabling you to enjoy the outdoors without compromising your vibrant cherry cola hue.

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