Tips and Tricks to Lighten Your Hair

April 13, 2022
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With the return of sunny days, you might want to lighten your hair color a bit. To bring out your eyes, and your complexion, and give you a “back from vacation” effect, bringing light to your hair will allow you to change your look!

For brunettes or blondes, there are many ways to blend lighter highlights into your hair or lighten your entire hair. To have a harmonious and fresh result, it is not always necessary to go to the hairdresser! Certain natural ingredients have the power to lighten your hair and damage it much less than chemical dyes. 

Before lightening your hair, you must also ask yourself if you can handle it: often, discolorations have the effect of damaging the hair fiber: split ends and brittle hair are to be avoided! Whether you decide to go to the hairdresser or try the experience from home, we give you all our tips for a sunny hairstyle!

Lighten your hair naturally


Chamomile is known for its brightening properties on blonde hair, but it can also help lighten brown or red hair. To create lighter highlights in your hair, just rinse it with a well-concentrated chamomile infusion, and repeat this process until you get the shade that suits you. 

You can use chamomile in different forms to lighten your hair: hydrosol, powder, infusion… The advantage is that you won’t damage your hair!

If you wish, you can also use a lightening shampoo with progressive results: we recommend the Clarifying shampoo with chamomile and cornflower from Christophe Robin.

The ingredients to lighten your hair are also in your kitchen!

Cinnamon and honey have one thing in common: they contain natural peroxide, a natural lightener that will give your hair sun-kissed highlights! To lighten your hair by two or three shades, these ingredients can be present in your cupboard all year round and will be precious allies. Here’s how:

Cinnamon brightening treatment

Cinnamon Brightening Treatment to Lighten Your Hair
Source: @chloemerz

This recipe has a double advantage: in addition to lightening your hair, it smells delicious! All you need to do is mix a teaspoon of cinnamon with the dose of conditioner you usually use after washing your hair. 

Conditioner or mask, it doesn’t matter, but be careful: your treatment should not contain silicones, as they tend to make the hair waterproof and therefore prevent the lightening action of cinnamon. 

Once your mixture is on the hair, leave it on overnight. Cinnamon can be irritating to the skin, so don’t put too much on the scalp, it’s best to test the treatment on your skin beforehand.

Honey lightening treatment

Like cinnamon, honey is a natural lightener. It has the advantage of deeply nourishing the hair too! If you want to lighten your hair but it is fragile in nature, this is the perfect solution for you! 

The recipe is similar to that of the cinnamon treatment: mix one-third of honey with two-thirds of conditioner and leave it on your hair. For a more frank rendering, apply pure honey and expose yourself to the sun.

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Lemon water: guaranteed natural look

The recipe is simple: in 20cl of lukewarm water, pour the juice of two lemons. Spray all over your hair or apply to just a few strands, then leave on for 2 or 3 hours with at least 30 minutes of sun exposure. Repeat the operation until you reach the shade that suits you.

On olive oil, you will bet

Olive oil shampoos and conditioners are learned to soften and shine the hair. But not only. Like honey and chamomile, it assists lighten the hair. No requirement to purchase any products, simply use olive oil on your hair. 

Then show yourself to the sunlight for an hour. Wash your hair, and let it dry naturally. Repeat this gesture several times a week. You will see the recipe is miraculous.

Blond Henna

Formed of neutral henna, chamomile powder, and rhubarb, It is a lightener for light hair. It allows bringing slightly blond reflections to brown hair. Small tip: the longer you leave the product on your head, the more the effect will be visible.

This natural henna was obtained from the leaves of the plant, harvested by hand, and dried naturally in the sun. Ideal for home coloring, highlighting or natural highlighting. Suitable for any type of hair color.

Lightening your hair at a hairdresser: what are your options?

Classic or natural coloring

Doing a classic dye can also be done from home, but if it’s your first time or your hair is damaged, we advise you to go to the hairdresser to benefit from his advice. 

It can help you predict the result on your hair of the color you want, and thus avoid surprises. Today, many hairdressers also offer natural coloring, some entirely vegetable and organic, less aggressive for the hair fiber.


To switch to platinum blonde or light blonde, the most radical method is discoloration. Bleaching the hair means removing all its pigments: to do this, an oxidizing product must be introduced into the hair. 

It is a chemical action that also has the effect of weakening the hair fiber. If your hair is naturally dry and brittle, bleaching is not recommended: it could seriously damage your hair.

Balayage or highlights

If you just want to bring lighter shades into your hair for a sunnier look, you can opt for highlights or balayage!

Honey, copper, or blonde, highlights have the advantage of radically changing the appearance of your hair: they create a more or less blatant contrast with your natural color. However, they require a certain regularity. 

As soon as your hair grows back, you have to go to the hairdresser to get your roots back! If you don’t have the time or the budget, opt for a balayage instead.

Balayage has the advantage of not touching your roots: you, therefore, keep your natural color, and only a few strands of your lengths are lightened. The practical side is that balayage generally ages very well: the natural effect is even accentuated!

Which method do you prefer to lighten your hair?

Image by Vinicius Wiesehofer via Pexels

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