Tips to Make Your Summer Tan Last Longer

May 8, 2022
Tips to Make Your Summer Tan Last Longer

Having a tanned complexion is good, but keeping it is better! When you return from vacation, with the little depression that rages at the weather level of your morale, it is better to succeed in maintaining your tan. The editorial reveals tips for prolonging your tanned complexion as long as possible.

Sunbathe a little every day

First of all, you should know that to make the tan lasts as long as possible, exposing yourself to the sun for a few minutes a day is strongly recommended. 

Do you know the proverb that says you have to give time to time? Well for the tan, it is the same: a tan that lasts several months is refined by repeated exposure to the sun every day. Remember that the quicker but occasionally you tan, the faster you will lose the tan. So take your time!

Apply sunscreen

If you plan to keep your skin and your tanned complexion even after the summer, you should think about applying sunscreen during sun exposure.

We see you coming: “I’m afraid to tan less well if I put sunscreen on my body and my face”: well no. Sunscreen does not prevent tanning, it actively fights against the degeneration of skin cells and protects it from UV rays. It also prevents the appearance of unwanted sunburn and which will peel the skin.

Mimitika Sun Oil SPF50

With regenerating Apricot Kernel Oil, antioxidant Hibiscus Oil, and Loofah Seed Oil, Mimitika sunscreen will stimulate melanin production and bring a faster and brighter natural tan that lasts in time.

Hydrate your body

Just as make-up lasts better on hydrated skin, a tan lasts longer on well-hydrated skin. We tend to drink more water in summer, and it’s good because water hydrates the body and the epidermis of the skin in depth!

In case of sunburn, moisturizing the skin even in the shower helps to avoid losing your tan and peeling in addition to finding yourself crayfish red.

Opt for shower gels designed to hydrate the skin. Care shower gels make the tan last thanks to moisturizing agents that gently sublimate the skin. Hydrated and radiant skin after the shower is possible.

Opt for solar power

The key to keeping a pretty summer complexion for as long as possible is to nourish it. There is a multitude of foods that help prevent and maintain a tan. Carrots, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, melon, apricots, beets, etc. are all foods containing beta-carotene. 

The beta-carotene consumed in sufficient quantity brings a nice golden color to the skin and helps to keep this tanned complexion even after the summer.

Feed your body

Just as there are food supplements that give radiance to the skin without exposing yourself for hours, there are supplements that help your tan last all year round. 

So if you want to prolong your tan after returning from vacation, you continue to take solar food supplements throughout the month of September.

Use after sun

Use and abuse after-sun creams after exposure to light rays and for as long as possible afterward to maintain your summer complexion.

The little extra? Apply your after-sun cream or milk in the evening instead of your night cream. The after-sun contains targeted and soothing moisturizing active ingredients, beneficial for skin more or less sensitized by the sun. 

The after-sun helps to hold the tan and hydrates, repairs and soothes in addition to possessing anti-aging properties.

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Keep showing up

Who says back from vacation does not necessarily mean that summer is over! On the contrary, take advantage of every moment of sunshine to maintain your pretty tanned complexion. 

On the terrace of a café, on your balcony, on your way to work on foot… Each small exposure, even a few minutes, allows you to continue to activate melanin and make your tan last longer.

Adopt self-tanner

And if you want to proudly display a tanned complexion several weeks or even several months after your vacation, opt for self-tanning. 

If you want to be permanently tanned even in winter, the regular use of a self-tanner is strongly recommended throughout the year.

For those who just want to keep a memory of their summer complexion for a few more weeks, the use of self-tanner is perfect since it colors the upper layer of the epidermis and can last from 2 to 3 weeks maximum for the most care.

Expect to get compliments on your tanned complexion with this self-tanner that is easily applied using a special mitt. Made supernatural, it is possible to modulate the desired shade according to the number of applications.

Switch to “Sun Kissed” makeup

Also adopt a good-looking make-up, which will sublimate your skin until the start of the school year. Sun powder, blush and colored lip balm, light highlighter… are inseparable allies of a sun-kissed complexion!

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