Tips to Save Money on Online Shopping

April 17, 2022
Tips to Save Money on Online Shopping

The advantages of opting for digital stores are multiple, such as the possibility of shopping in complete safety and without having to travel. 

However, many shoppers are unaware that there are ways to reduce expenses when shopping online, such as using cashback. Discover in this article 3 tips that will help you save even more on your online purchases.

Use the Cashback Technique

Cashback is an offer that consists of reimbursing customers for part of their purchases made online. This operation benefits both buyers and sellers. 

Indeed, it promotes the development of digital shops and makes it possible to introduce new products to Internet users who may be interested in these promotional offers.

Cashback can be set up in two different ways. It can be offered by the merchant site or through a web portal specialized in setting up this type of operation, such as the cashback platform for example.

The cashback can be expressed either as a percentage or in euros. For the first option, a pre-established percentage is applied and calculated based on the amount of the purchase. 

In the second case, the cashback is a fixed sum that you can receive, regardless of the cost of your purchase.

To benefit from this attractive offer and save money when shopping online, you must first register on a reliable cashback site. 

Platforms specializing in this field usually have a team of smart buying enthusiasts who will be able to enlighten you about the conditions for obtaining cashback and the procedures for registration.

Online Shopping: Using a Price Comparator

A price comparator is a search engine that allows you to examine the best prices on a large number of merchant sites at the same time. It is a tool that guarantees you substantial savings during your online shopping and that saves you considerable time at the same time. 

You just have to compose a request indicating the products you intend to buy and the comparator gives you the list of stores that offer the product at the lowest price.

However, the performance of the price comparison is essential if you want to save money on your online purchases. It is, therefore, necessary to take your time to look for the best price comparison possible, by favoring those which are preferred by Internet users. 

This beloved software is usually those that have obtained the most votes in surveys conducted by platforms specializing in online shopping.

Before validating your choice, it is recommended to search on Google for the name of the selected comparator. This small check will allow you to determine if the site is indexed on Google, which would therefore mean that it is active and offers correct and up-to-date prices.

Opt for Online Private Sale

A private sale is a type of sale that is reserved for a certain category of customers. The products offered during these liquidations are less expensive and are only available for a limited time. 

Private sale is usually a technique used by major brands to quickly dispose of their inventory without causing discord in the normal distribution of their articles.

To take advantage of the advantages of private sales, you must register on a site dedicated to this purpose. You can then scroll through the list of products available at that precise moment and send what you intend to buy to your basket, in order to prevent another customer from passing you by. 

However, it is important to note that the delivery costs of orders are not reduced and are directly deducted from your purse.

To all these means are obviously added promo codes, which can be offered by the merchant sites themselves, or by dedicated platforms. However, the cashback phenomenon is gaining more and more success and attracting many consumers.

Buy midweek

Believe it or not, the day you buy can make a difference to the price. Brands start sales and discounts in the middle of the week to boost sales in slower periods.

For example, you are more likely to get a 20% Asos discount on Tuesdays or Wednesdays than on weekends when everyone is shopping. If you can wait until the middle of the week, do it.

Subscribe to newsletters

If you feel like you’re missing out on flash sales and other great deals, sign up for your favorite brand’s newsletter.

Certainly, you will be spammed at least once a week but in exchange, you will have all the discounts you dream of.

In addition, when you log in for the first time, you will be offered welcome codes such as -10% on your first H&M order or -20% at Gap.

Leave your products in the cart

Be patient. If you see an item that catches your eye, put it in your shopping cart and leave it for a day or two. Retailers hate unfinished sales, chances are you’ll be emailed with a discount code to close the sale.

Warning: this trick only works if you have an account and you are logged in when you add the parts to the shopping cart.

Try promo code sites

Searching promotional code sites such as Wanteed or Discount Codes is the best way to save money when shopping online.

Let’s say you want to buy an item on Asos: if you click on the code, then go to Asos via the site, you will get discount codes of up to -25%.

Join a good business Facebook group

Professional bargain hunters on Facebook spend days searching for discounts and sharing them. If you have an account, join these groups since promo codes tend to have a short lifespan.

You will find the best plans on: Wanted Bp and Le Petit Monde des Bons Plans Mode.

Clean your cookies

Brands know where you live, how much you can earn or spend, and how interested you are in a product. For example, if you are looking for a dress and live in the heart of a big city, you are more likely to be shown the most expensive dress than if you live in the countryside.

To have these low prices, clean your history and your cookies and put yourself in anonymous navigation during your shopping.

Don’t forget the outlets

If you are looking for a designer, log on to Brandalley, Ventes Privées to get 70% off.

If you prefer high-end brands, head to a site like Yoox where you will find an undeniable choice of bargains.

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