What is a Cleansing Oil and How to Use It?

March 12, 2022
What is a Cleansing Oil and How to Use It?

For several months, the beauty sphere has been sworn only by cleansing oil. What are its benefits? How is it used? We tell you everything about oil make-up removal.

We all know that removing make-up is an essential step in your evening beauty routine before going to bed. And the least we can say is that there is no shortage of solutions for perfect make-up removal without attacking the skin of your face: make-up remover milk, micellar water, make-up remover lotion, make-up remover towel, make-up remover balm… 

But the method that is all the rage with beautistas at the moment is make-up remover oil. How does it work? Is it suitable for all skin types? Zoom on this product that has become a must in our vanities to have beautiful, supple, and soft skin.

What is cleansing oil?

As its term indicates, cleansing or purification oil is a heavy substance. The primary benefit of this makeup remover is that makeup, including waterproof eye makeup, is indeed oil soluble. 

In brief, it is the perfect partner for clearing even the most stubborn makeup and getting rid of impurities, excess sebum, and other remains; and this, whatever your skin kind!

Cleansing oil does not make the skin greasy, which explains why its use is possible for everyone, oily skin therefore but also combination skin, normal skin, or even sensitive or dry skin. 

It is the latter who will surely benefit the most from a cleansing oil thanks to its moisturizing properties.

If you are afraid that your skin will be too oily after applying a cleansing oil, you can always gently rinse your face with a little water. 

There are also products in the shape of oil whose recipe evolves milky on touch with moisture. With them, no greasy film remains on the surface of the skin. These are our favorites!

Want to test? Discover our 3 favorite cleansing oils:

1-Eclair de Patyka Cleansing Oil

Patyka’s Eclair Cleansing Oil is excellent for getting rid of makeup, even watertight. Its texture is perfect since it is not too liquid.

Its composition is just as attractive since 100% of its ingredients are natural with a trio of organic sunflower oil, organic jojoba oil, and apricot kernel oil. As a bonus, this care product is certified organic and Ecocert. In short, it has everything to please.

2-Caudalie cleansing oil

Caudalie Cleansing Care Oil is also in our top 3 of the best cleansing oils. It is a best seller of the brand and that is not surprising.

Enriched with sweet almond, castor, grapeseed, and sunflower oil – 100% natural nourishing vegetable oils, Caudalie Cleansing Care Oil is a real pleasure to use. Its texture is soft and its smells of delicate sweet almonds.

3-Nivea’s soothing cleansing 

Nivea’s soothing cleansing oil is very effective. It pulls makeup very well and is flawless for susceptible skin. 

Its cost is also a favorable point since it only costs a few dollars. Also, it is very easy to encounter, since it is known in supermarkets.

Is it possible to remove makeup with vegetable oil?

If we are familiar with the virtues of vegetable oils such as argan oil, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, or even castor oil to nourish our hair or in the arrangement of our masks and other face care, we can likewise use them to clear makeup, just like with a “traditional” makeup remover oil. 

Only downside: the coconut oil. Comedogenic, it is better to avoid it especially if you have sensitive skin or problem skin.

Other vegetable oils are no problem. You can even choose them according to your skin type to get maximum benefits. For example, sweet almond oil or avocado oil, very nourishing, will be perfect for dry skin, while combination skin and oily skin will prefer jojoba oil, known for its properties that help regulate the sebum. 

Do you have sensitive skin? Bet on calendula oil. Adult skin will favor sea buckthorn or argan oils.

Of course, if you opt for vegetable oil for gentle make-up removal, prefer an organic oil, extracted by cold pressing, without the addition of perfume or additives.

How to use cleansing oil? The steps for a good make-up removal

Whether you want to test the cleansing oil or whether you have adopted it definitively, you still have to use it correctly to reap all the benefits. 

Here are all the steps to follow for perfect make-up removal that leaves the skin soft, ready to receive daily face care or before make-up. Note that, to gently remove make-up using oil, there is nothing complicated. 

No need for cotton discs or other objects to apply the product. Cleansing oil is enough on its own!

  • Pour a few drops of your make-up remover oil (or your vegetable oil) in the palm of your hand then gently heat the product.
  • Spread the oil on the palm of the hand before usage.
  • Massage your face well with circular movements with the oil to remove make-up (waterproof or not), impurities, pollution residues, or even sebum. Cleansing oil can be used to cleanse the face as a whole: eyes, mouth, cheeks, forehead… To do it well, start with the complexion, then the mouth, and finally the eyes.
  • Once the make-up has been completely removed, rinse your face with a little water. To complete your make-up removal, you can apply a little floral water to your skin.

There you go, you now have very soft facial skin, ready for the application of your moisturizer, your night care, your face serum or even your day or evening makeup.

Image by Mikhail Nilov via Pexels

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