Face Lifting With Acu-lift

May 21, 2022
What Is Acu-lift?

Acupuncture is a technique of classic Chinese cure, now known in the Western world. But we know less regarding acu-lifting, its cosmetic version which concentrates on the face. 

Less intimidating than cosmetic surgery, acu-lifting could well encounter a spot among the most demanded anti-aging treatments. We tell you everything!

Lift your skin without surgery with acu-lifting

Aculifting is the squeeze of acupuncture and lifting. As its name indicates, this practice consists of smoothing the parts and the skin of the face. Where Kobido would only utilize the fingertips, acu-lifting employs acupuncture needles.

Acupuncture arrives from formal Chinese medicine. It uses very fine needles to intervene in the flow of energy in the body, called Qi (from Mandarin, which literally means “vital breath”). 

If it is typically operated on the entire body to solve all sorts of illnesses (digestive, muscular, nervous, or even sometimes psychological), we are now rediscovering its cosmetic advantages. 

Acupuncture is already used in Chinese prescriptions to treat facial paralysis after a stroke, for instance. This way of pricking the epidermis to correct the skin muscles is therefore not unexplored!

This form of acupuncture is thus very practical in tightening the skin and affording a real facelift without surgery! Beyond the aesthetic aspect, this technique takes the problem to the source. 

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Precisely placed, the needles can indeed solve problems related to fatigue for example. In this way, the person who benefits from it will have better sleep, and therefore less congested eyes and a better look in the morning!

This technique acts effectively outside as well as inside and lasts longer than institute treatments. Aculifting is therefore a real anti-aging treatment, which can be carried out preventively from the age of 30 or curative when wrinkles and fine lines are already present. It also reshapes the face and contributes to general well-being.

It is found to have no side effects and is non-invasive, which may make it less frightening than hyaluronic acid injections for example… except perhaps for needle phobics! This method also does not trigger an allergy. 

For pregnant women, it is recommended to seek the advice of a doctor beforehand, but never go to an acupuncturist who does not have an associate degree (DIU Acupuncture)!

Aculifting, how does it work?

The face has 43 muscles that can perform more than 10,000 expressions. Called skin muscles, they are precisely very linked to the skin and play a lot on their external appearance. It is therefore not for nothing that you are told not to frown so as not to have wrinkles!

Over time, the muscles tend to relax. The hands are therefore a mechanical way to restore a certain tone to the features. But they also influence blood circulation and therefore make it possible to revive the radiance of the complexion.

What is an acu-lifting session like?

To take the skin problem at the source, this type of facelift is generally accompanied by a complete assessment. It is therefore possible that the practitioner will ask you questions about your health, and possible physical and psychological ailments. 

This allows him to identify weakened organs and establish an energy balance.

The practitioner may also perform a facial massage to stimulate and prepare the skin. Future pitted areas are cleaned beforehand.

Then comes the time to prick the skin. About ten fine needles, generally made of gold for their harmlessness, are pricked into the epidermis almost simultaneously. 

This speed of execution makes it possible to contract the muscles of the face, which are interdependent, to better stretch them and smooth the features.

This mechanical action also stimulates subcutaneous blood circulation, which acts on the production of elastin and fibroblasts. 

But it also promotes the supply of nutrients to the skin as well as the elimination of toxins. The radiance of the complexion is thus revived.

The needles are also placed at strategic points. They are pricked in specific places, on the different meridians where the energies circulate and which are connected to the organs of the body. They thus take skin problems at their source, to act as much in care as in treatment.

After 15-20 minutes, the needles are removed. For hygiene reasons, they are for single use.

The benefits of an acu-lift session

First of all, acupuncture needles do not leave marks and are not painful. It happens that some feel small shocks, linked to energy flows blocked at the stung place.

The beauty effects of acu-lifting are observed just after the first session: the complexion already regains its radiance. But the benefits are all the more visible the following days and remain so for 1 to 3 weeks. This method allows us to observe many results:

  • Wrinkles are smoothed, the skin texture is refined and the complexion is luminous.
  • Imperfections such as acne are reduced, and the skin is regulated.
  • The face is remodeled.
  • Skin aging is slowed down.
  • Beyond the beauty of the face, there is also a better quality of sleep, an improvement in digestive disorders, and a boosted immune system. Finally, an acu-lifting session has positive effects on the general shape of the person and on his state of health.

Where and when to do acu-lifting?

For best results, this facelift is generally done as a cure for several sessions, spread over several months. The first is fairly close together (a 1-month maximum gap between each), before continuing with 1 maintenance session approximately every 3 months. 

These sessions are more or less close together depending on the age of the person treated and the objectives.

It is recommended to start early in prevention. The period between 30 and 50 years is the most ideal for a preventive cure, which will slow down the appearance of signs of skin aging.

We find this lifting treatment in more and more institutes. It is recommended to do it with someone with training in acupuncture for real expertise.

For a 45-minute session, count at least 90$, non-refundable. A cure generally includes 5 to 10 sessions.

Did you already know about acu-lifting? Would you be tempted by this non-invasive method?

Photo: Pexels/ Antoni Shkraba

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