What is The Wolf Cut? and How to Style it

April 12, 2022
What is The Wolf Cut? and How to Style it

It’s the latest hot haircut, which has far exceeded 600 million views on Tik Tok. On Pinterest or Instagram, the hashtag #wolfcut continues to expand… A real phenomenon, the wolf cut is already on the heads of the most publicized stars of the moment: Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish, or Barbie Ferreira… A hair trend is also verified on the heads of models in fashion shows. You haven’t adopted it yet? We give you all the secrets of this hybrid haircut that is nowadays a hit all over the world.

What describes the wolf cut?

The wolf cut or “wolf cut” in French or even “werewolf cut”, is the new trendy cut to embrace urgently! This hairstyle is an innovative mix between the mullet cut and the shaggy cut.

As a reminder, the mullet cut is a rock-cut from the 1970s, which consists of keeping long hair only on the nape of the neck and having it short on the temples and the top of the skull. 

Since 2020, this kitsch cut has made a comeback and the most fashionable girls are adopting it without hesitation!

The shag cut or shaggy cut, which is also reminiscent of the 1970s, is a hair trend with a hippie, bohemian, flora power style. This cut plays on the lengths, layers, and tapering for an unstructured and nonchalant shag effect.

If your heart swings between the two, don’t hesitate! The wolf cut or the wolf cut is exactly a mix between the long mullet neck and the tapered and blurred side of the shaggy cut. The wolf cut is wavy, tapered, and worn with bangs to accentuate the volume.

The concept of ​​this hairstyle, which is currently all the rage, is vagueness and improvisation for a rock, wild and casual side.

The wolf cut, who is it for?

Good news! The benefit of the wolf cut is that it can suit everyone, all body sorts, and all styles.

Curly, straight, flat hair… it doesn’t matter, the wolf cut adapts!

If you have fine hair, the wolf cut creates volume and gives style to your cut by concentrating the texture on the top of the head. However, make sure that your hairdresser does not taper your lengths too much to avoid the “rat tail” effect…

If you have thick hair, it’s ideal because it helps create movement and avoids the bulkiness of thick hair.

For those with curly hair, it will further accentuate the airy and supple side of the curls. The hairdresser will precisely group your curls on the top of your head and taper the bottom of the cut so that they are a little less numerous.

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On a short cut, on mid-length or long hair worn with a curtain fringe, swept on the side or short… The wolf cut adapts to all hairstyles, to all face shapes, you just have to adjust the gradient.

There are also many ways to wear it. It all depends on the inspiration of your hairdresser who can choose to strongly mark it with the style of the mullet cut with extreme lengths. Or, choose to create a gradient and a more or less long neck enhanced with a tapered fringe for a more bohemian side.

The wolf cut is the cut to have!

How to maintain your wolf cut?

To style it daily, nothing could be easier! The fuzzy and wild side of the wolf cut makes your life easier, you don’t have to spend hours in the bathroom in the morning.

The most essential thing, to keep the rock style of this cut, is to form volume and texturize the lengths.

For this, you can wash your hair with a specific treatment to give it volume.

Once they are clean, move on to the drying stage! The most effective technique is to dry your hair upside down to maximize volume at the roots.

When your hair is dry, it’s time to bring some structure and style to your hairstyle.

You can scrunch your locks using a homemade saltwater spray or a store-bought sea spray. These sprays are very effective because they will add texture to your hair and fix it.

If your hair is straight and straight by nature, you can perform your lengths with a curling or straightening iron to create a nice natural wave.

Once this is done, twist each of your locks with a texturizing treatment by wrapping them around your finger so that the wave effect lasts longer.

Finally, if you have naturally curly hair, consider reworking your curls a little with the aid of a curling iron to repair some structure and flexibility.

On the hair regrowth side, the advantage is that the gradient does not require regular touch-ups at the hairdresser. However, if your wolf cut is paired with bangs, you will need to schedule more regular appointments with the hairdresser to adjust it!

Why opt for a wolf haircut?

If you’re fed up with your hair being too thick to style properly, or if you’ve got an all-purpose haircut… Dare to go for the wolf cut!

This trendy cut will make the difference! It will give style and character to your face. Its wild, unstructured side will spice up your looks and give a more rock side to your outfits, even the simplest ones.

With its disheveled effect, the wolf cut will give you a cool look in a jiffy, look like nothing and without doing too much.

This cut, which adapts to all women, will highlight your personality, give a boost to your style and enhance your face.

Moreover, this trendy vintage-inspired cut subtly camouflages your little flaws… So, if you have a large forehead, a slightly tapered fringe will help to reduce it. If you have plump cheeks, the wolf cut will lengthen and refine your face a little. Finally, if your face is a little too triangular, the gradient effect gently rebalances the curves.

The wolf cut does wonders to your hair!

Of course, we advise you to call on a professional hairdresser, so that this cut is completely successful.

Although it is based on improvisation, it still requires good technique and practice. Do not hesitate to consult the before and after photos on Instagram to choose your hairdresser, this will avoid some disappointment. Also take a look on Pinterest to pick up some ideas that you will show to your hairdresser.

The wolf cut associated with a curtain fringe is the winning combo this fall, we tell you! So convinced? Are you going to succumb to the wolf cut and dare this new trendy hairstyle?

Image by Sam Lion via Pexels

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