What to Learn Before Getting a Fringe Hairstyle

April 24, 2022
What to Learn Before Getting a Fringe

Have you always wondered if it would fit you or not? The fringe hairstyle is often a lot of hesitation before taking action. Yet it is timeless and frequently adopted by stars. Here is a list of pros and cons to know whether or not you should take the plunge!

Sophie Turner, the American actress who played the role of Sansa Stark in the famous series Game Of Thrones, has radically changed her haircut since the end of the series: she now sports blonde hair and bangs. We take this opportunity to tell you about the fringe: is it a good idea to adopt it?

We adopt the fringe hairstyle!

To change your mind

Even more effective than new hair color, bangs can really change your look. In rocker, glamorous or bohemian fashion, it gives the extra thing that ensures you a radical transformation! If done well according to your desires and your face shape, your bangs could well be your new best friend.

For large foreheads or wide foreheads

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If you have a long, thin face with a large forehead, bangs can suit you perfectly: they will dress up your look and rebalance the shape of your face. If your forehead is wide, you can also make a blunt one according to your face shape to lessen the effect. 

Today, there are many different types of bangs: timeless straight and smooth bangs, wild and unstructured bangs, choppy bangs, curly bangs, there’s something for everyone and every face shape. Ask a hairstylist for advice on what type of bangs will look best on you.

To highlight the eyes

For a smoldering gaze, there is nothing better than a frank that highlights your look. If you accentuate your eyes even more with a line of eyeliner, you will have a guaranteed glamorous side! In addition to being downright trendy, it could give your look that little something extra that could, who knows, catch another one…

Frankly, it is better to abstain

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When your face is small or round

If your face is small, it is better to forget the fringe: it will have the effect of camouflaging a large part of your face and therefore hardening your features. 

If your face is round, a thick, straight blunt will weigh it down even more. In these two cases, prefer an airy and tapered wick.

In case of oily skin

If you have oily skin, and often pimples on your forehead, making a fringe in order to camouflage everything is not the solution. The fringe is in contact with the skin and often manipulated, will grease very quickly. 

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Also, if the bangs smother the forehead, it can make your skin problems worse. If you really want to make a frank despite these risks, it is better to have light and tapered bangs that will let the skin breathe. You can also avoid touching it as much as possible and avoid hair conditioner on the bangs.

If you don’t like to spend time maintaining your hair

It is well known, that the fringe requires a certain involvement. You have to know how to style it and check that it stays in place during the day. 

It tends to grease faster by dint of touching it so inevitably, you might even be forced to wash your hair more often. Even if your hair is impeccably straight even in wet weather or rain, bangs grow fast. 

To avoid getting it in your eyes, you will have to think about going to the hairdresser more often or cutting it yourself, risking the hair incident. If you don’t like to maintain your haircut and your style is rather the quick bun, do not try the experiment of the fringe.

How to adopt the short fringe?

The baby fringe, for whom?

First and foremost, bangs are considered short when they end no more than a finger’s width above the eyebrows.

Contrary to popular belief, everyone can wear mini bangs, as long as they are shaped according to what suits us, or not. Oval faces can easily afford to wear it very thick, while round faces should rather turn to light, more discreet bangs.

What hairstyles to highlight?

“Short bangs can be counted to all hairdos, excluding possibly long hair, because the lengthy and the very short will not go well jointly”, explains Tom Marcireau. 

On the other hand, all hairstyles with short or medium-length hair will be quite adequate. Our specialist advises those of us who will try short bangs not to confine ourselves to the classic smooth brushing. On the contrary, with a mini-fringe, we dare curls and friezes.

For nostalgics who hope to look like 50s pin-ups, a short or mid-length wavy or curly bob with short bangs will give an ultra-glamorous retro look. While a degraded, graphic, and wild cut will bring a more modern touch and goes everywhere with our mini-bangs.

The infallible trick not to miss: Tom Marcireau advises opting for a plunging bob domed and voluminous at the back. This bold cut plays on volumes for an outstanding balance.

How to cut and maintain short bangs?

To cut a short fringe, our hairdresser proceeds as for any fringe: “I don’t like to cut dry. First I trace the fringe on wet hair, then I cut it. Finally, after drying, I ‘adjust the length and thickness according to the rendering I want to obtain.”

To maintain baby bangs and stay true to their original style, the specialist recommends cutting it every three weeks or so. 

“The most significant thing when you like to be tempted by a short fringe is to accept it. It’s a preference that is never unimportant, and a short fringe cannot be modeled halfway; it’s also a query of mindset”, he underlines.

Have you ever worn bangs? Did you adopt it?

Photo: Pexels/Klaudia Ekert

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