What’s the Difference Between Perfume & Eau De Toilette?

May 3, 2022
Whats the Difference Between Perfume Eau De Toilette

Do you need to buy perfume? For you or a gift? But you don’t understand what the distinction is between Eau de perfume and Eau de toilette? Good question! Because these products have nothing to do! The same goes for perfume and Eau de perfume, which do not have the same characteristics at all. 

In fact, it is the concentration of perfume in the mixture that changes. The more concentrated the product, the more raw materials it contains, and the higher its price. 

My wife who works in a perfumery told me everything about these different types of fragrances. Here is what differentiates a perfume, an Eau de perfume, and an Eau de toilette and which one to choose.

Be aware that there are no official regulations regarding the concentration of perfume. This means that concentrations can vary between brands.

Perfume: the most concentrated

Concentration: 30% and stays on the skin for up to 8 hours. Perfume is the preparation with the highest concentration. There is between 15 and 30% perfume diluted in a 90-degree alcohol solution. 

Its smell is stronger than other beauty products. It should therefore be used with moderation and subtlety. Only a few drops are enough to intoxicate the senses, the latter being very heady (that is to say heady). 

So we only put it in certain areas; never all over the body. We favor warm areas of the skin such as the neckline, behind the ears, or the inside of the wrists. Beauty experts advise using perfume for special moments. An outing in evening dress, a business dinner… 

Be careful though. Who says the higher concentration of scented extracts, also says higher price. Even if it is the most expensive, the perfume has the big advantage of being able to last all day. 

So in the end, it’s more expensive to buy but we put a lot less on a daily basis. Finally, know that the perfume does not contain water.

Eau de parfum: a powerful power

Concentration: 20% and stays on the skin for up to 5 hours. You understand; that Eau de perfume is differentiated by its less concentrated essences. 

It contains between 10 and 20% extract and is, therefore, a little cheaper than perfume. Since the concentration is less strong, the Eau de perfume can be used to smell good all day long. 

These scents last from morning to night for a smell of your own without being too heady. Moreover, the Eau de perfume has what are called more powerful base notes. That is to say, it stays longer after vaporization. 

Its use is simple. Spray directly on your skin or spray all around you to soak up your clothes and hair. The Eau de perfume has the advantage of lasting almost all day. All you have to do is perfume yourself again in the evening if necessary.

It smells very good! In any case, it’s a smell that I love on my wife.

Eau de toilette: subtlety

Concentration: 10% and stays on the skin for up to 3 hours. An eau de toilette is not really made to perfume, but rather to invigorate the skin. 

It is used for example when you get out of the shower so that the skin is fresh and toned. Its concentration of essence, which does not exceed 10%, is particularly pleasant in summer. 

Because the mixture of heat and classic perfume does not go very well together. The eau de toilette is light and therefore more pleasant on hot days. This water can nevertheless be used throughout the year without any problem. 

It allows you to have a good smell “without overdoing it”. Last advantage of eau de toilette: it is less expensive than perfume or Eau de perfume. Eau de toilette does not last all day on the skin.

This means that you will have to perfumer several times during the day to continue to smell good.

Eau de Cologne: the perfume of our grandmothers

Concentration: 5% and stays on the skin for up to 2 hours. Did you know that the world’s first perfume was created in Cologne by an Italian perfumer in the 18th century? 

This is probably why the cologne has a somewhat “old school” image. We mistakenly believe that this product is made for our grandfathers when not at all. 

This water is just much less concentrated and lighter than perfume. The smell stays shorter on clothes and skin.

Eau Fraiche: the least concentrated

Concentration: 2% and stays on the skin for up to 1 hour. As its name suggests, Eau Fraiche is softer and lighter than its cousins. It is less loaded with alcohol and more fruity. 

Its concentration is only 2%. Eau Fraiche, therefore, joins the useful to the pleasant. It takes care of yourself and the skin while releasing pleasant scents. 

What is a perfume absolute? Perfume absolutes are highly concentrated plant extracts or resins. It’s a bit like essential oils. The perfume absolute is therefore a precious and rarer product than the classic perfume. 

It is not found in all perfumeries and its price is inevitably more expensive.

Perfume, Eau de perfume, and eau de toilette, which one to choose?

Are you hesitating between the different types of perfume? So let me help you. First of all, know that an Eau de perfume and an eau de toilette have the same smell. They are made with the same notes, only the concentration is different. 

In fact, you have to choose one of them according to your lifestyle and personality. Let me explain. An eau de toilette, for example, is more suited to a reserved woman wishing to remain discreet. She makes you feel good, but without overdoing it. 

Conversely, if you are a rather outgoing person, then take a perfume. With this type of product, you “mark your territory” and you are remembered! As for the Eau de perfume, it is the right compromise for a dynamic and energetic person. 

But of course, it’s the fragrance, that is to say the smell that you like the most, that makes the difference. Light or more marked scent, only you can tell. 

Your turn… And you, what type of perfume do you prefer? Inform us in the comments what you favor and why. We can’t wait to read you!


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